Osterberg Memorial Lecture

The annual Osterberg Memorial Lecture and Award was established by DFI Corporate Member Loadtest, in conjunction with the DFI Educational Trust, in honor of Dr. Jorj O. Osterberg, one of the true pioneers of geotechnical engineering. The Lecture and Award recognize innovations in the deep foundations construction related to engineering design, testing or education - all aspects of Dr. Osterberg's lifelong contributions.

Dr. Osterberg has long been recognized for his innovations in soil sampling and testing (including his inventions: the Osterberg Sampler and the Osterberg Cell). Dr. Osterberg enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a teacher and consultant; he was Professor Emeritus of civil engineering, at Northwestern University.

The Memorial Lecture and Award are presented annually as the opening lecture of the DFI SuperPile conference. DFI will provide an annual donation to the DFI Educational Trust Scholarship Fund from the proceeds of the SuperPile Conference.


John A. (Jack) Hayes, P. Eng., D.I.C.
High-Capacity Load Testing
Richard J. Finno, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE
Lessons (Re)Learned from Geotechnical Failures
David K. Crapps, Ph.D., P.E.
Lessons Learned from Dr. Jorj O. Osterberg and His Inventions
Frank Rausche
Load Testing of Deep Foundations: Developments, Applications, Results
Dr. Kyle Rollins
Deep Foundation Behavior in Liquefied Sands From Blast Liquefaction Testing
Jean-Louis Briaud
Impact Load Tests for Embassy Protection Against Terrorists
Dr. Dan Brown
Experiences with the Osterberg Cell Load Testing Method
Dr. John H. Schmertmann
The "TROM" Method for the Most Economical Design and Construction of Non-Redundant Pile Foundations
Dr. Bengt H. Fellenius
Redesign Tests Save Costs and Time: A Case History
Clyde Baker, Jr.
Experiences with Jorj Osterberg and How He Revolutionized the Deep Foundations Industry